Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Fleece Jacket ~ Finished!

I just finished sewing my new fall jacket out of the softest fleece that I purchased around 2 years ago. (Trying to use up my stash before buying more :)   I used Butterick Fast & Easy B4293 - which really was easy to follow.  My only change next time would be to make the sleeves a little narrower - they are wider than I care for - especially on the bottom, however, this may be a blessing if I wear the jacket over a bulky sweater.  

Sewing on layers of fleece was a bit of a challenge, but I persevered ~ as usual.  As I always say, "If there's a will...there's a way."   My real triumph was using the button hole program on my sewing machine (Baby Lock Evolve purchased at my favorite quilt shop a few years ago.)  Took some doing and lots of practice since I was working through stretchy fleece. They came out beautiful!!! Used some very pretty silver/24k gold buttons I purchased on my first visit to the new Hobby Lobby a state away.  How I wish it were near by!

On to the next project!!  

Happy Fall!


Elaine said...

Beautiful jacket!

bj said...

That is an adorable jacket. You are so talented. My mother made all my clothes..she could sew anything under the sun. I never learned..just easier to let HER do it. :))

O, I would love to have seen the pink lights...wish you could have gotten a photo of it. I know it was so pretty.
xo bj

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