Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOW ~ Works in Progress Wednesday

I recently learned about the Just Takes 2 mystery quilt and thought I'd join in since I LOVE red and white quilts and I was very touched by the story behind the project.  

Here is an excerpt from the Just Takes 2 website:

"The “Infinite Variety: Three Hundred Years of Red and White Quilts” exhibit was a generous birthday gift from Joanna S Rose’s husband, and in turn, her gift to us. For six days in March, 2011, the American Folk Art Museum exhibited six hundred-fifty quilts from her personal collection in New York’s Park Avenue Armory. An additional part of her gift was a digital guide to the exhibition, including installation photographs and video lectures, available for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android smart phone. Go to the Apple iTunes App Store or Android Market for the free download. Gay and I spent those six days immersed in our apps, bemoaning the fact that we weren’t in New York. Each day, we would talk about the quilts and say, “let’s make this one, let’s do that one, this one is my favorite”, and so on until we were exhausted. We gathered up the red and white quilts in our own collections, though few in numbers, and shared them with each other, hoping to share this joyous event in some way.
We realized, of course, that we could never make all of our “favorites.” In fact, the two of us have an interesting track record when it comes to completing quilts. We love to plan, design and shop for the fabrics for a quilt. However, our modus operandi is to put all the things we have gathered for the quilt into baskets, beautifully labeled and ready to stitch…….someday.
Infinite Variety presented us with a tremendous challenge: how in the world could we make ALL our exhibit favorites? In one of those aha moments, we decided to make a sampler featuring each one. We want to share this mystery quilt with you! Just Takes 2™ is our present for you to make and enjoy during the New Year 2012."
While you can make your quilt out of any fabric combination you would like, I decided to keep to the red and white theme and chose Rich Red and White Kona Solids.  Wow!  I've never sewn with Kona solids before, and I'm loving this fabric!  Its got a wonderful feel and it sews beautifully.  The "rich red" is sort of a cranberry and the white is a pure white. 
Here are my first 6 blocks so far. (Can't wait to receive the instructions for the next batch of blocks!!) I still have to hand stitch the hearts and the circle on 2 of the blocks - but so far I'm very pleased and very excited about this quilt - and I can't wait to see the entire quilt when its done!

Now I've got to get busy and work on some other projects that are waiting in the pile!!
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