Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sizzling Circle Placemats for Summer

I purchased the book Sizzling Circles by Lacey J. Hill   because I fell in love with her easy designs.  I've already cut out my circles and sewn and turned them out - so now I've just got to join them all!  I figured if I tell you all that I've started this project - I'll be more likely to finish it!!!  The fabric is part of my "new" stash as opposed to my really "old" stash.

Actually, the real reason I purchased this book is because I fell in love with her tote bag that is in it.  The placemats are just a test to see if I can connect all the circles correctly - and then on the wonderful tote bag!!!  I'll post a picture when they're all done!

Pat & Tony

Pat & Tony
Me and my best friend!