Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas From Our House to Yours!

To all my friends, new and old, far and wide, 
Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Visit to Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia

Every Christmas my husband and I take a little trip as a gift to each other.  
For years we've been visiting Cape May, New Jersey
which if you've never been to this Victorian town -its a must - 
especially at Christmas!!  
Here's some pictures from prior years spent in Cape May:

Cape May, New Jersey
Cape May, New Jersey
This year we decided to go South and spend a few days in Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia. The weather was beautiful - it felt like spring, not the beginning of winter!

Storefront in Yorktown, Virginia

Waterfront, Yorktown, Virginia

Mid December and they still have gardens blooming!

Why....I think that's General George Washington!!!  Who is that speaking to him?
Its my hubby speaking with General George Washington and Count Rochambeau of France at the banks of the York River!!  Discussing a strategy as to how to beat the British at Yorktown (October, 1781).  Do you think they'll take his advice?

My hubby is SUCH a good listener and so gifted with discernment, wisdom and GREAT ideas!
Looks like they've got a winning plan!
This historic meeting ends with a handshake among friends!
I LOVE pansies ~ especially in the winter :)
Yorktown today.
Love the paint colors and brick on this store front.

Had a wonderful lunch at Nick's Restaurant riverside.

Our table-side view!

Our dream home!

Colonial Williamsburg 

Camilla in full bloom ~ its December!!

Colonial Williamsburg - love the cotton bolls!

Winter garden in Colonial Williamsburg.

What a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season visiting such a beautiful colonial town! And so glad hubby got to help the General out with a winning strategy!  Who knows how things might have turned out without his help!

Well! Time to bake the cookies!!



Pat & Tony

Pat & Tony
Me and my best friend!