Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunlight and Strawberries ~ Sizzling Circles Project

Well....I finished my circles project - except instead of 4 placemats, I put it all together and made a table runner. Just have to add buttons in the middle of all the intersections and then I'll put it in the basket of "to be sold" at the next craft fair we have in our community.  On to the next project...


Barb said...

Love your circle projects!!!

Linda said...

How is that made, it looks like alot of work?

Pat said...

Hi Linda,
Each circle is a sandwich of 2 contrasting fabric circles with a circle of batting. You have to sew completely around the edge 1/4 inch and then cut a small slit on the edge and flip it out and then top stitch it. Then all the circles get sewn together and then the flaps get sewn down. You really need to see the book to follow it. The tote bag is what I really wannt to make, but I started with the runner to make sure I could do it. It is alot of work, however the finished product is really cool!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Love it!! I recently bought an Olfa circle cutter. I love circle patterns. =)

Pat & Tony

Pat & Tony
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